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I have been using the NEMESIS Optical RGB Gaming Mouse from Tt eSports for around 8 weeks now, as my everyday mouse.

This is a basic review of the NEMESIS Optical RGB Gaming Mouse from Tt eSports.

My Thoughts,

I really like the design and the way you can customise the switches to suit your playing styles, The mouse has a patented key switching system that has enabled Tt eSPORTS to provide up to 12 programmable buttons on the keypad to the left hand side of the mouse. Out the box you have 8 buttons on show as default, to access the last two rows you will need to pull the tabs that are located on the bottom of the mouse, this will let you set the buttons configuration to your desire layout and push the tabs inside to lock the keypad. Just under the buttons on the left you have a little plate protruding from the base of the mouse, this is definitely a handy feature as it is designed so you can place your thumb on it while gaming. The right side of the mouse has a curved design, the Nemesis Optical RGB Gaming Mouse sits and feels great in your hand.

Now for the RGB, the NEMESIS Optical RGB Gaming Mouse from Tt eSports , it comes with 16.8 Million RGB colors backlighting. It has three lighting zones which can be individually controlled or synced together. You will need to download the Command Centre Pro which is a dedicated app for this mouse, when you open the Command Centre Pro you can see that it is very user friendly here is where you can tailor the lighting effects which are Static, Pulse, Spectrum Running, Snake Marquee, Wave, Reactive, Blink, and System Temperature, I was able to match my mouse with my system case fans, you can also program up to 80 macro keys to suit your playing style to maximize your performance in-game. The mouse uses a Pixart PMW-3360 optical sensor with maximum DPI of 12000. It has 5 default levels of the DPI starting from the 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 5000. Using the software, you can go as high as 12000 DPI.

Final thoughts,

The comfort level of this gaming mouse is really good, even during the longer gaming sessions, there was no fatigue or irritation of any sort. The sensor is highly accurate and I did not miss any clicks. In fact, it was a pleasant and wonderful gaming experience with this mouse. It may take some time to get used to the buttons concept but once you do, there is no going back.

NEMESIS Optical RGB Gaming Mouse from Tt eSports comes in at £59.90 over on Amazon.